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First Ride Preparation

We are so excited that you have joined the Everybody Cycle community of riders. Here is important information for your upcoming first ride. Our address is 11606 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102 For your first ride, you must arrive 15 minutes early so the instructor can fit you to the bike and provide first ride instruction. Unfortunately if you […]

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Movement Tutorials

Although rides seem complex when you first start indoor cycling, each ride can be broken down into a sequence of simple movements. In this article, we describe and demonstrate the most common indoor cycling movements. Understanding these movements provides a solid foundation for any rider.  — Table of Contents (click to jump to each section) Pedaling […]

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Ride Comfort (Remedy Soreness & Avoid Pain)

Indoor cycling is challenging but shouldn’t be painful. When proper form is used, indoor cycling offers participants uniquely low-impact and comfortable movements especially when compared to alternatives such as running. With that said, soreness and irritation may be experienced by new and even seasoned riders. At Everybody Cycle, we encourage all riders to first and […]

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