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First Ride Free Instructions

Everything you need to get started at Everybody Cycle with your first free ride. Call or text us at (216) 352-5490 if you have any questions.

Step 1

Review Schedule

Review the schedule to find the ride or consultation you’d like to attend. Click on the ‘Book Now’ button next to the ride. Note: book your ride in advance so your bike is saved for you.

Create Account

Once you click ‘Book Now’, you will be prompted to login to WellnessLiving. Click “Sign up” and create your WellnessLiving account. Complete registration by providing all the requested information.

Book First Ride Free

Login to your new account and continue booking. When presented with package options select ‘First Ride Free’. Complete your checkout (no payment will be required).

Get Excited & Prepared

 We are looking forward to seeing you. Please arrive to your first ride 15 minutes early so we can get you situated and answer any of your questions. Also, click below to review important first ride information
Frequently Asked Questions


For your reading pleasure, here are the most commonly asked questions from new riders and our answers.

Yes the playlist is different for every ride. We design a custom playlist for each ride to energize and motivate riders.

Click on each instructor's picture on the schedule page to see a sampling of their favorite songs to play during rides.

Everybody Cycle is a great fit for beginners because we provide a lot of instruction and riding resources to all our riders. For your first ride, we ask you to arrive 15 minutes early so we can provide bike setup and ride guidance. For those looking for additional support, we have an optional Riding Technique & Comfort Consultations (great for new riders) offered regularly. With your first ride free, you have the flexibility to register for any ride or consultation on the schedule. If you are still hesitant about your first visit, explore our riding tips and/or contact us so we can support you as needed.

Keep in mind that Everybody Cycle is a safe space to grow your spinning practice. We encourage you to listen to your body and do what feels right for you. If a movement is causing difficulty, please modify to something more comfortable (for example pedal slower or stay in the seat when the instructor stands). There is no perfect way to cycle and therefore no expectations are being placed on you. If you show up as your full self and move, you're doing it right!

Our rides are music-driven so we ride to the feel/tempo of the music without power output displays. Without the displays, we are more socially connected with each other as we ride and the playlists are structured to push your performance resulting in a challenging workout (just ask our riders).

If you have taken classes with power output displays in the past, our best recommendation is to try our rides without the displays to get a feel for the difference. We definitely prefer the more immersive experience without displays!

Yes, you can cancel rides up to 12 hours before the ride starts to avoid losing the ride credit. To cancel rides, navigate to the ride the same way you booked it. Then log into your WellnessLiving account and you will see a 'Cancel' button on the ride you have previously booked. Press that 'Cancel' button and confirm the cancellation to return the ride credit to your account. Please note: per Everybody Cycle policy if you cancel late or no show, unfortunately that ride credit will be deducted from your account.

Single ride passes expire 60 days after purchase.

Monthly memberships activate on day of purchase. If auto-renew is left on, it renews and the ride credits reset monthly the day of the month originally purchased (for example the 5th of each month). Unused monthly membership ride credits do not rollover month to month.

You can find all the ride pass and membership options on our pricing page.

Our commerical Stages bikes adjust to accommodate a large range of heights, from approximately 4'10" to 6'10". The bikes can accommodate a maximum rider weight of 350lbs.

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