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1384 Hird Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

We would love to hear from you. 216-352-5490 nathan@everybodycycle.com

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Ride Experience

Nothing can truly capture the feeling of participating in our music-driven rides but we tried our best to share the ride experience here. The video below is of a standard ride. Our rides are 45-minute celebrations with meaningful reflections. Check the schedule for ride times.

Everybody Cycle Ride

Glow Ride Experience

We are excited to offer Glow Rides! Wear your whites and neons to really pop (point and case, the video below). These 45-minute dark rides provide an immersive setting for us to celebrate and reflect together! Check the schedule for Glow Ride times.

Everybody Cycle Glow Ride Experience

Rider Reviews

Don't just take our word for it, read what our riders are saying as well!

I loveeeeee Everybody Cycle. Nathan makes spinning SO accessible and fun, and really prioritizes why we're all there: moving our bodies, listening to ourselves, and focusing on doing something for YOU. Great music & messages throughout, and you'll DEFINITELY be challenged/pushed. I'm an avid cyclist, but have never done a spin/cycling class–I've always wanted to try, but truthfully was a little intimated by all the choreography from random videos. HOWEVER, at Everybody Cycle with Nathan, instruction is really clear and they provide space for doing what you can/want to without judgement (but you'd be surprised how fast you pick it all up). This class is the highlight of my week!!

Arenne F
Arenne F. Rider

Hands down the best spin class I’ve ever joined! From the fun pop playlist, to the supportive and inclusive atmosphere, I highly recommend this for wherever you are in your fitness journey. Nathan is an extremely friendly instructor, who takes his time to make sure newbies feel welcomed as well as ensuring they are set up correctly.

Sarah L. Rider

I loved my first cycling experience and the venue. It was a great fun workout (especially for my leg strength and stamina as I play a lot of volleyball) . It was a little harder than I expected at first but the good music and the instructor’s energy really helped. It was also easy to adjust the bike’s height and resistance. I will be going back.

Hayk G
Hayk G. Rider

This was my first time taking a spin class and it was great! I had a lot of fun and the instructor Nathan was awesome 🙂 as a beginner, it was not overwhelming like I thought it might be and I loved that beginners like me could ride with more advanced riders and all go at our own pace. Thanks!

Brad S
Brad S. Rider

I had never taken a spin class before coming here. The instructor is very welcoming. He showed me how to set up by bike correctly and how to do all the moves ahead of my first class. The music is the best during the class. Glow in the dark classes are my favorite! The crowd is also very welcoming, regardless of you skill level =)

Gustavo R.
Gustavo R. Rider

I love this class! The music is always my favorite part; I leave energized and looking forward to coming back next time. I actually don’t love working out— I’ll happily stay out of the gym if i don’t find something FUN to get into. I have taken spin classes on and off over the years but am definitely not an expert— for me this class is consistently a great workout but also makes it perfectly comfortable and acceptable to take breaks, slow down, and not get overly competitive. ALSO!! Love it when it turns into a glow ride with black lights.

Lara B.
Lara B. Rider
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Riding Tips

Our mission is to help you experience the strength, joy, clarity, and connection of indoor cycling. We have put together these tips and resources to support your spinning journey.

First Ride Preparation

We are so excited that you have joined the Everybody Cycle community of riders at the Fieldhouse in Studio West. Here is important information

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Movement Tutorials

Although rides seem complex when you first start indoor cycling, each ride can be broken down into a sequence of

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Ride Comfort (Remedy Soreness & Avoid Pain)

Indoor cycling is challenging but shouldn’t be painful. When proper form is used, indoor cycling offers participants uniquely low-impact and

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